when a guy shakes your hand and holds it

How to Approach and Impress Her

Your next move is to leave your safe space and go to her with good body language and your “opening line” so you can talk with her. Verbal communication will greatly close the physical and emotional space between you both. She wants you to approach her now, and she is waiting, so get moving!

But be aware that as you walk toward her, she will learn a lot about you from your body language. Women are wired with this ability to read approaching men’s body language. By the time you reach her, she will have decided to either receive you as a possible friend or reject you as a problem guy.

So use your best body language and walk slowly and straight, with as little extraneous body movements as possible. Walk confidently and casually directly to her. Your relaxed body language should say, “I am alive, healthy and a strong man. I am confident in myself. I am interested in you. I won’t hurt you.” Think these words as you approach her, and they will help produce the right body language.

She knows it takes courage to approach her because at any moment she could reject and embarrass you. She will admire, appreciate, and reward your courage and confidence to be brave and take a risk! You will be demonstrating your Alpha Maleness, and she will like that!

As you walk toward her, don’t look around the room! Look continuously at her eyes. (And don’t check out her breasts. You may do that later.) Imagine that there are only you two in the room and imagine that you are saying and meaning this: “I like you, and I am eager to talk with you. Thank you for inviting me to meet you.”

As you approach her, give her a soft, friendly smile that says, “I am happy to meet you.” (That should be easy because you really are happy to meet her!) Keep in mind that she came there to meet someone and here you are! Probably she is pleased that you have selected her above all the other women there. You are her hero! Walk up to her confidently and proudly!

How to Approach With Safe Body Language

As you approach her, don’t blast into her personal space like you are attacking. Go slowly and gently. Stand tall and move slowly and confidently. She is watching you like a hawk to see if you are going to try to go where you are not invited. That is what men are frequently trying to do with women, so women are very alert to it and defensive on the subject. Let her see that you only go as far as she invites you. Stand or sit erect with your gut sucked in, shoulders back, chest out, head held erect and not pulled into your shoulders like a turtle. You are the Alpha Male here, so look like it! She will like that, and when she feels she can trust you she will send body language cues for you to come closer.

How to Use Your “Opening Line”

Don’t worry about creating a clever opening line. She knows that you want to talk to her so just say, “Hi! My name is (real name). May I talk with you?” (Notice it is “with you” not “to you”, like she must only listen.) Most likely her answer will be, “Yes” because you made it easy for her to respond in a positive way.

Your opening line is also very direct and honest so that early-on it tells her you are mature and well socialized. You have no games going on. That greatly reduces the stress at this moment for both of you. Besides, she is too busy reading your nonverbal body language to deal with any complex opening-line statements or questions from you. Just be honest and say that you would like to get to know her and for her to get to know you.

She may extend her hand to shake your hand, and if she does, go ahead and shake her hand. Whether you extend your hand to her first for a handshake depends on where you are and the tradition for such. In the U.S., it is a common practice many places for women in social and business situations to follow men’s rules in handshaking. If appropriate here, extend your hand to shake her hand to make it clear that you consider women and men to be treated and respected equally. Smile and make eye contact as you shake her hand in a vertical position with a firm grip. (Don’t squash her hand and fingers, and don’t overdo it with big “pumping motions”!)

About Shaking Hands With Women

Here is a secret for you guys: Smart modern women will shake hands with you so that they can read your body language. Here is what a smart woman watches for in a man’s handshake:

  • If you hold her hand so that yours and her hands are equally vertical, this shows a sense of some equality between you both. In this case, the strength of the grip is most revealing.
  • If you have a firm grip, this shows you have self-confidence, are sincere and are comfortable socially.
  • Limp grip and limp arm reveals that you need a lot of support to get things done.
  • If you make eye contact and smile at her, these are two friendly good signs. She will like that.
  • If you make only brief eye contact then quickly look off to the left or right while handshaking her hand, this shows you are disinterested (or afraid) of getting to know her.
  • She may watch to see if you rotate her hand, so your hand is over the top of hers, with your palm facing down on top of hers. If you do this, she will know you are a controlling guy, and she better watch out!
  • While shaking hands if you put your free hand on her wrist, forearm, elbow, or up by her biceps, you are showing that you are very interested in talking with her more. This is rushing things too fast in most cultures. She will stay alert for more advances into her personal space — or leave.
  • If you shake her hand side-to-side, instead of up and down, you are trying to disarm her for manipulation later. This unusual handshake should make her run to the nearest exit!

So Guys, if you see a new woman extending her hand to shake your hand, there may be more intended than welcoming you. She may be trying to read your body language at deep levels most men aren’t even aware of.

When standing or sitting in front of her, be sure to face her squarely. This posture means your face, chest and hips are facing her directly. This facilitates a feeling of trust and friendliness. And one more precaution: Never touch her unless she invites you, such as her extending her hand for a handshake. Be very respectful of her space and time. Keep in mind that she has the power here to reject you publicly and make you look like a predatory sleaze-ball, scumbag, scourge-of-the-earth. Be grateful that she doesn’t do that!

Now Start a Friendly Conversation

Your next step is to be invited into her private space to talk with her. This step is to gather data about personal interests to determine if you both have some common ground that you can share. Stay away from discussions of weather, news, politics and impersonal stuff. What you are interested in, is if you two have a good chance for long-term compatibility — or at least some fun together for a short time. Finding and sharing common personal interests will bring you both closer together quickest.

But this verbal communication process is more difficult than it appears. This conversation is the point at which the connection between you both can abruptly break off because one of you doesn’t appeal to the other. This difference can become immediately evident by the way each person speaks to the other. Maybe this is not news to you: Women don’t think like men! Therefore, to make the best impression on her, you need to talk differently to her than you do to your men friends.

How Men and Women Communicate Differently

Communication style is different between women and men for many reasons, such as educational background, age, and culture. However, there are some common patterns evident for both genders.

  • Women speak and listen faster than men. Women in a group can even all talk at the same time and make it work!
  • Women speak in a softer voice and use pitch and inflection to emphasize points. Men speak in a louder voice and use volume to emphasize a point.
  • Women sound more emotional in normal conversation because they normally use five tones. Men sound more monotonous when speaking because they normally use only three tones.
  • Women stick to one topic for a long time until all present have added their comments and feelings on that subject before moving to the next subject. Men want to express their own opinion and not hear the opinion of others. Men want to have the final word, especially with women.
  • In decision making, women seek the input of all the other women present and make decisions based on the consensus of all present. Men try to make the final ruling, no matter what others think.
  • In decision making, women prefer a group decision. Men want to show their high status by making their own decisions without input from others.
  • Women reveal their feelings, private lives, and relationships easily. Men hardly ever do! That would show their weaknesses and lower their status as a dominant male.
  • Men don’t spend as much time and interest on anything not physical, especially abstract concepts dealing with “feelings” and emotions.
  • Women want to talk about their feelings to improve their relationship with the listener. Men talk to emphasize their high status and dominance to all present.
  • Women want to discuss and explore all aspects of a topic and spend more time on it than men like.
  • Women try to strengthen relationships with others by discussing their problems. Women ask more questions about what others think.
  • Women make indirect accusations, i.e. “Why do you often do that?” Men make direct accusations, i.e. “You always do that!”
  • Women like to relate, but men rather debate.
  • Women interrupt all others less and allow others to interrupt them. Men interrupt others more and allow fewer interruptions, especially from women.
  • Women are more cooperative when talking. Men are more competitive with talk and try to raise their status and establish dominance.
  • Women show concern and try to establish empathy and support for others. Men try to fix things and give advice to others.
  • Men are opinionated and want to resolve problems quickly, often not studying the situation.
  • Men try to be an authority on everything and, therefore, ask fewer questions.

As you search for common interests, keep your attention focused on her, keep the conversation lively, and humorous. Humor is important and will establish your intention to have a meaningful, fun, and ongoing relationship with her.

Humor Is Very Important In Relationships

Both men and women rate humor high on their list of factors a mate must-have. One survey of women found that a man’s good sense of humor on the first date was one of the key factors necessary for a second date.

Although both men and women rate humor as one of the desired characteristics in a mate, men and women differ in how they use humor. Women like a mate who has a good sense of humor and who can share a joke easily, plus see the humor in sticky situations together. Humor is a tool women use to increase relationships.

Men seek a mate who laughs at his antics and appreciates him and his humor. Men tend to use humor to raise their status, often by humorously “putting down” or insulting others. Men tend to play practical jokes or humiliate others and think it is funny – and it is a way for men to feel superior.

A good sense of humor, cleverness and high intelligence go together. Having a good sense of humor, therefore, may serve as a marker for selecting a mate who could be an intellectual notch above the other choices available.