How The Alpha Male Is Revealed

When the term Alpha Male is applied to a man, it refers to a type of man who is strong, smart, and a leader. Other males naturally respect his decisions and don’t challenge him. An Alpha Male looks and behaves in ways that make it evident that he is the leader and not to be challenged. He moves and stands in ways that show he expects to get what he wants without being questioned. The Alpha Male looks in all ways a little better than the rest of the males. He stands out as cleaner, neater, stronger, healthier, smarter, and more aggressive than the other males.

alpha male

About Alpha Male Animals

Every wolf pack has a leader who dominates and leads the other members of the pack. The leader is known as the Alpha Male. Other animals that generally live in a group with an Alpha Male in charge are these:

  • Dogs
  • Wolves
  • Large cats, like lions
  • Apes and gorillas
  • Horses

Male animals living in groups with an Alpha Male compete to be the leader of the group because of the benefits in the top position. The main benefit is unrestricted breeding rights to one or more females. This powerful drive for the perks at the top is nature’s selection process that brings the strongest and smartest male to the leadership position to produce the most offspring.

Every type of female (animal and human)which mates with the Alpha Male type has a good chance of successfully raising healthy offspring. This has been true for millions of years. Therefore, female DNA programming in most species is tuned for the females to be attracted to the strong Alpha Male type.

About the Alpha Male Man

He is strong, but strong doesn’t mean a lot of muscles. It means a male who gets around in the world by himself and gets what he wants through confidence, courage, intellect, and high determination. He moves slowly and deliberately with no wasted motions. He stands proudly erect, relaxed, and alert in all situations.

An Alpha Male is generous, outgoing, and cheerful with everyone, for he has no worries. The Alpha Male has confidence that he will get everything he wants and can overcome any resistance or opposition. Petty problems and inconveniences are ignored and accepted without outbursts of anger or emotion because he is emotionally stable and strong.

About Alpha Males and Risk Taking

Interesting research found that males, especially young ones in teenager years, compete in many subtle ways for a perceived Alpha Male position on sports teams, gangs, or in neighborhoods. One way they demonstrate their Alpha Maleness is by taking risks and doing dangerous things. Risk-takers think they are advertising their fitness to potential mates by showing off their strength and bravery. This is just a variation on the mating dance ritual that males in many species have done for eons.

The surprising results of research on such situations were reported in “Evolution and Human Behavior Journal,” vol. 26, p. 171: “Men thought women would be impressed by pointless gambles, but women preferred cautious men.” And that makes sense because females need a live mate to help raise the offspring and not a dead hero.

An Alpha Male establishes his territory and holds it as long as he wants it. His relaxed and confident body language says he is comfortable there and plans to hold his territory, even if he has to fight for it. He does this for three reasons:

  1. To scare off other males who might be competition.
  2. To show the females that he is strong and is an Alpha Male.
  3. To show the women that since he is an Alpha Male, he is their best choice for sex.

Instinctually for survival reasons, females seek an Alpha Male who can protect them and who will help them raise strong, healthy offspring.

6 Ways To Appear As An Alpha Male

  1. Good Body Posture
    Stand or sit erect with chest out, head up, gut sucked in, and body relaxed. These postures are signs of dominance. Also, moving deliberately and only when necessary. This indicates self-confidence, control, pride, and determination.
  2. Courage  The Alpha Male is ready and willing to confidently tackle every problem and see it resolved without complaints, emotional disturbance or drama. He is a cool guy who doesn’t get rattled over the slightest disturbing things. Alpha Males don’t whine and complain about life’s challenges. They tackle life’s problems and solve them without complaining.
  3. Persistence
    They keep focused on goals and apply all resources until goals are achieved. Alpha Males don’t give up easily.
  4. Assertiveness
    They communicate clearly and confidently about what is expected from others and what is provided in exchange. They ask for what they want clearly and directly.
  5. Aggression
    They are not argumentative, belligerent and ready to fight! It means they are dynamic and do what needs to be done in a mature, well-socialized way. Alpha Males don’t wait for others to start the action.
  6. Strong, Clean and in Good Health
    Good health and survival of babies requires both parents be healthy. A man’s health is something that can turn a woman on – or off – without her thinking about it. Women unconsciously use their eyes and nose to evaluate a lot about a man’s health and chances of making good healthy babies. Alpha Males are smart and take good care of their health.

Guys: If you want to gain many more points with the women, study these things above.