안전바카라 BACCARAT in 007 James Bond Films

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. Today, we’re gonna be talking about something very interesting and close to my heart, and that is baccarat in Bond films. Before we get into the actual discussion for today, I want to remind all the newcomers to the channel or anybody who hasn’t already to click that subscribe button and make sure to ring-a-ding that notification bell Cause.

It’s the only way, you’re going to be notified every time we upload something new and exciting to the channel. Today, as I said earlier, we’re gonna be talking about baccarat in Bond films., Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels that have served as the inspiration for the film franchise was a gambling aficionado.

. He knew a lot more about casino games than he did about guns and gin martinis., I mean, after all, what kind of self-respecting secret agent would use a Beretta, But while baccarat is played in several Bond novels, it has often been changed to other games.

In the more modern, adaptations. Casino Royale, for example, baccarat is the game played in the finale of his debut Bond, novel Casino Royale in 1953, as well as the TV adaptation that was shot live soon after the novel was released in 1954.

. Some versions of baccarat were also played in a spoof film made about Casino Royale in 1967, with Orson Welles. Yes, that Orson Welles, the guy who directed Citizen Kane in’41 and did the War of the Worlds radio play in 1938 as Le Chiffre.

Lots of screen time. For Woody Allen here and a musical score by Burt Bacharach not to be fused with the mispronunciation of the game of baccarat Bacharach. Poker replaced baccarat in the 2006 film starring Daniel Craig.

. You might think that’s because baccarat was just not a very well-known game by 2006., But in the 1950s it also was not that popular of a game either., Fleming included a guide to baccarat in his original printing of the Casino Royale novel.

So his readers could follow the action. Well, let’s talk about that shift more in a little bit., But right now, let’s do a little bit of a French lesson. So please pardon my French. All the French you need to know in a game of baccarat is as follows:: ‘Carte’ means’hit, me’.

‘Suivi’, ‘follow’. If you’ve lost the last round, you can take the first position in the first round of betting.’ Sept’ means seven.’Huit’, ‘eight’ and Neuf,’ nine’. Again pardon my French. Not only did baccarat feature in Fleming’s, first Bond novel Casino Royale, but it also was a prominent game in the first Bond film, Dr.

, No starring the iconic and ultra suave Sean Connery. Dr. No opens with the famous baccarat scene where Bond meets Sylvia Trench. They are both playing a version of baccarat. You won’t see it often in the US.

. This is Chemin de Fer, also commonly referred to as’chemmy’. The most apparent difference between Chemin de Fer and regular baccarat is the fact that each player also deals and, as a result, the game is a lot faster than traditional baccarat.

, Unless of course, you’re in a Bond film, where you have to make banter between every hand – and I do mean every hand As Miss Trench, is finding herself down in the trenches she keeps losing and saying’suivi’.

And after this awkward, let’s put our last names first and then our first and last names as an introduction, Miss Trench. Finally, redeems herself, when she draws an eight. Which would normally be a very awesome hand, But not when you’re playing against Bond James Bond because he draws wait for it.

A natural win of a nine. In 1965’s Thunderball Bond sits down with someone who we automatically know is the bad guy, because he’s wearing the most iconically bad guy costume. You could be wearing a white suit and an eyepatch.

I mean you, don’t get much more bad guy than that. And things don’t go so smoothly, because before our titular character, James Bond can sit down at the table with the villain. Emilio Largo Bond James Bond announces’banco’.

, Meaning he wants to bet the limit. And then the nerve of this guy. He decides to win against Largo. And at this point, Largo just gets steaming and when they start exchanging names, he won’t even let Bond James Bond get his full name out.

. He only allows him to say bonds. The nerve of this guy He’s the worst, and so they upped the stakes which were already at the table limit. So I’m not quite sure how that works. Bond James Bond wins with a seven against Largo’s six.

And the next round. Largo confidently overturns an eight. But Bond James Bond. Undeferred has, can you guess it Nine.? Oh no. He didn’t. Yes, he did Because he’s Bond James Bond., So there’s also an extended baccarat scene in Goldeneye that serves to heighten the sexual tension between Pierce Brosnan’s, Remington Steele, doing his best James Bond impression and Xenia Onatopp.

. Yes, that’s her actual character name. The match is so full of sexual innuendo that it borders on parody., For example, after she beats Bond’s seven with her eight. She suggests that she hopes he’s better in the sack than he is in Baccarat.

. He replies And Miss Onatopp comes out on top for the first match, but she’s then bound by Bond fearing to go. Bust. Onatopp stands at a five, but Bond managed to top her with his six. So don’t worry.

Bond does come out on top. At the end of the match, Bond and Onatopp have spicy postgame dialogue that alludes to things yet to come in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Okay, I admit this is more in the bacca-ground for this one.

Contessa Teresa di Vincenzo holy crap. Try to say that name. Three times fast, also played by Olenna Tyrell in the Game of Thrones. She bets more than she owns and is about to be thrown out of the casino.

. When Bond covers her debt, then they waltz off to have a drink, together., Eventually, Bond and Contessa get married. So there are two important lessons to be learned from this film. The first is that baccarat can bring people together to form a lifelong commitment.

. The second is that you should also perform random acts of kindness, because the next person you help might end up, offing, Joffrey, Lannister. So, as you can see, baccarat plays a very prominent role in the Bond novels and the Bond films.

, But I don’t think I’ve answered the question. Why baccarat To answer that we have to get a little bit more theoretical, and that is simply that baccarat is a game of chance not of skill and there’s something that appeals to audiences about that, or at least it did to Fleming.

. You see outside of cheating. There’s nothing that Bond can do to make himself win or even give himself an advantage. So when agreeing to sit at a baccarat table, Bond puts his life and the welfare of his country in the hands of faith.

. When Bond plays a game like a poker, where skill or at least choice determines the outcome, the audience might maintain some sense of calm in the conviction that Bond is smarter and more creative than his opponents.

, But in a game of chance like baccarat, we cannot simply rely On Bond’s intellect., We can contrast a larger than life devil may care, Roger Moore Bond, with Daniel Craig’s in Casino Royale., For much of Craig’s Bond roles.

He plays a Bond who’s, obviously aging and rethinking his womanizing ways and is more apprehensive about the effects of the intelligence he’s gathering. This Bond gets bloodied more in fights and we’re used to seeing him struggle. 안전한바카라

So, whereas Moore’s Bond might coast through a game of baccarat, modern audiences want to see a Bond who struggles and relies on his brains, not just his fate. Wagering, the West’s livelihood in a Game of baccarat becomes unthinkable in our modern age, which is why Casino Royale left the baccarat table and moved to the poker table.

Today’S Bond isn’t going to step up to a 50/50 chance of success without something up his sleeve, or at least something up his head. I hope you enjoyed our overview of baccarat in Bond films. If there’s anything, we happen to have left out, go ahead and show the channel a little love by leaving a comment down below and while you’re at it clickity-clack that, like button ring-a-ding-ding that notification bell and slam that subscribe button, My name is Dominic.